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Hello FCGS Force Families, players and friends;

We are very excited and proud with the announcement of moving all our top-level boy’s teams over to the Elite Club National League (ECNL). This will give all our members a league that will provide a platform for all the players to compete on a local, regional and national level.

FCGS Force was a member of the USSDA since 2015, which was dissolved as of today (4/15/2020). We also have secured an ECNL spot in 2019 for eh boy’s side.

USSDA FCGS Force website:

ECNL FCGS Force website:

US Soccer article on termination of the Development Academy:

With FCGS Force’s mission to always be forward thinking providing an elite standard for the club, we have secured admittance into ECNL with 3 teams. All Development Academy teams will move directly over into ECNL, ECNL current teams in the Southwest conference and an ECNL Regional League spot.

We will have 2 teams in each age group (U13-U19) in tier 1. Tier 1 will have 25 teams in it. This tier will be divided into 2 brackets. The brackets will each get 16 league games and have crossover games with the other bracket to make for a 23-25 game schedule. This allow for local and competitive games for all!! These two brackets will play in the same showcase events and lead into the same playoffs. At this early stage, we are not sure on the on the teams that will be announced in each bracket. As we get through this, we will announce the teams in each bracket. FCGS Force players in tier 1 will not be allowed to play with other tier 1 team in any way shape or form. Players will have the option to still compete at the high school level per the area programing allowing it.

If you have questions or concerns in regards to the Elite Club National League (ECNL), please feel free to look up all the rule, guidelines and platform of the league:

FCGS Force is if very excited and proud of the opportunity to compete and grow in this amazing league with such a large platform. We hope to have a great relationship and grow in other areas of the league.

As we move forward FCGS Force will collaborate on the development plan and provide a curriculum for all ECNL, NPL West and CSL players to develop and thrive. All staff will be working together to make the best environment for all the players to succeed!!

Thank you and please stay safe and healthy!!

We hope to see you on the pitch very soon!!

FCGS Force Staff

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